What is a Copyright?
Copyright Forms
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The Following is a list of copyright forms and a description of which form to use:

(The links below download the forms directly from the Library of Congress
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Form PA: for published and unpublished works of the performing arts (musical and dramatic works, pantomimes and choreographic works, motion pictures and other audiovisual works)
Form SE: for serials, works issued or intended to be issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely (periodicals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, annuals, journals, etc.)
Form SR: for published and unpublished sound recordings
Form TX: for published and unpublished nondramatic literary works
Form VA: for published and unpublished works of the visual arts (pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works, including architectural works)
Form G/DN: a specialized form to register a complete month's issues of a daily newspaper when certain conditions are met
Short Form/SE and Form SE/GROUP: specialized SE forms for use when certain requirements are met
Short Forms TX, PA, and VA: short versions of applications for original registration. For further information about using the short forms, request publication SL-7.
Form GATT and Form GATT/GRP: specialized forms to register a claim in a work or group of related works in which U. S. copyright was restored under the 1994 Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA). For further information, request Circular 38b.

What is a Copyright?