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Response Letter:

This letter is in response to an Entry Level Web Design position. The author highlights her experience that directly relates to the job posting requirements. She bullets key points to draw attention to the most important aspects of her experience.


Melissa Smith

211 5th Avenue Boston, MA 02331 (415)555-5555
email: M_Smith@Pratt.edu


June 12, 20XX


James Washington
Website Innovators, INC.
1234 Brewster Street
Boston, MA 02335

To Mr. Washington:

I am sending this letter, enclosed resume and CD-Rom portfolio in response to your advertisement for an Entry Level Web Designer as posted at CareerCrib.com. I am well trained in the technical aspects of web design and have a keen sense of page layout that will help contribute to your creative team immediately. My experience and skills include:


  • Advanced software knowledge of Dreamweaver, Flash, Director, Cold Fusion, Imageready, Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks.
  • Hand coding and proficiency in HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • A basic understanding with some experience in ASP, PHP, MySQL and server side scripting.
  • Possess a great sense of designing skills including training in typography, color theory and composition.


As demonstrated in my enclosed digital portfolio, my experience includes a diverse sample of web based projects that include web animation designed in Flash, e-commerce design and implementation of basic server side scripting with customized Bulletin Boards and creation of email databases. I am capable of working as a member of a team or individually. Additionally, I am eager to learn and pick up new concepts fast with great efficiency.


I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to interview with you. I will call you next Wednesday to confirm that you received this letter and answer any questions you may have.



Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith