Cover Letter Tips
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1. Advertisement Response Letter: This letter is in response to a job advertisement or bulletin. An advertisement response letter gives you an opportunity to directly respond to a specific set of criteria that the employer is looking for. The employer will list the qualifications including skill level, education and work experience that they are seeking. Use your cover letter to address each point in their advertisement. Point out how your training and background addresses their point by point needs.In the opening paragraph of your letter, make sure you state what position you are applying for and where you learned of the available position. For example, “I am sending this letter and enclosed resume as an application for the position of Video Editing Assistant as posted at Monster.com.”

2. Referral Letter: One of the most effective ways to obtain a job is through networking. Referrals from existing employees or companies that have a relationship with the employer will give you an advantage over other applicants. A recommendation from a respected employee gives credibility to your application for employment. Make sure you mention the person referring you in your cover letter. For example, “Jane Smith recommended that I contact you in reference to current openings within your design department."

3. Cold Letter: A cold letter is a general letter of inquiry and is not in response to a specific vacancy notice. Often people who have an interest working for a specific company will send a general letter expressing their interest in working for that company. This type of letter can be effective if written well and accompanied by a strong resume. In your cover letter express your interest for the department and (or) position you would be interested in.