Portfolio Tips
Portfolio Tips
Portfolio Samples

Tips for making your digital portfolio stand out!

  • Organization - Make sure your portfolio is easy to navigate and divided into the appropriate categories.
  • Contact Information - Include your email and phone number so you can be contacted.
  • Appropriate Content - Do not include images that you would not want a potential employer to see.
  • Selective Content - You are better off with 10 strong examples than 20 so-so examples. Choose your best work!
  • Accessibility - Present your portfolio in a format that everybody can open. Do not offer files that are saved in specific file formats such as a Photoshop or Illustrator file. Your portfolio should be a self executable Flash or Director projector file. A website built in HTML and that can be opened by any browser is highly recommended.
  • Include Your Resume - Create a link in your portfolio to load your resume. Create an external PDF file that will load in Acrobat Reader. This preserves formatting and ensures cross-platform compatibility.
  • Keep It Current - Your portfolio is never finished. You should always update your portfolio as you and your experience grow and diversify.
  • Include Creative Information - With each sample demonstrated in you portfolio list the following information:
    1. The client or class it was created for.
    2. Software used in creating the piece.
    3. Your role in the creative process.
    4. A brief artist statement.
  • Demonstrate Project Management Skills (optional)- You may want to demostrate your project management skills and show examples of a job proposal including flow charts and other key planning documentation.